Award Winning™

I am now officially Award Winning™ and as such can now (legitimately) refer to myself as such and answer when addressed as such.  As such (I felt it crying out for another). Award Winning™ Lex, or Award Winning™ LtG .. I’ll answer to either.   😛

The whole thing was MJ’s idea and I only went along with it because it made her eyes sparkle like a mad scientist, which I found both cute and oddly – sexy.

I didn’t really think I had a shot because I figure most people who enter that sort of thing have been working diligently all year to perfect their recipe and I just made the same old cake I always make with no adjustment other than to make it in my mother’s oven because mine is tempermental and inconsistent for being a gas oven.

So, I have the third best poundcake in all of Maryland (this week).  There was a another competition last week where prizes were also awarded in this category.   So maybe I have the 6th best poundcake in all of Maryland.   Or rather, my grandmother does, since it is her recipe.  Whichever.  You may still refer to me as Award Winning™ Lex.

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