Lex on Gay Marriage

They’re at it again here in Maryland -

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gay marriage advocates plan to gather in Annapolis to urge support for bills that would allow same gender couples to marry in Maryland. Kate Runyon, executive director of gay rights group Equality Maryland, says the measure contains a clause that stipulates religious leaders could not be forced to perform marriage ceremonies that are inconsistent with their faiths. Montgomery County Sen. Richard Madaleno Jr. is sponsoring the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act in the state senate. Madaleno is openly gay and has adopted two children with his partner. State legislative panels will hear testimony Wednesday and Thursday on the measures that would give gay couples the ability to marry in Maryland.

In my mind, this is all there is to it – finished, end of all the f’in bickering:

1. Marriage as sanctioned by the state and federal governments need to only stipulate two consenting adults.

2. Churches whose beliefs differ are fully within their rights not to marry same-sex couples.

As far as I’m concerned, past those two points the rest of it is ridiculous.  There are hundreds of thousands of gay couples co-habitating, owning homes, sharing businesses, sharing a life together and giving them a piece of paper that says you’re married is not going to change the “moral landscape” of America.  It’s a piece of fucking paper and some legal/tax benefits.

Holy marriage and the legal/contractual marriage issued and recognized by the government are two separate things and should’ve remained that way.