It’s taken me awhile to admit that I can be a little anal retentitive.

At most I’ve admitted that I like things a certain way. And I won’t stop until they are. That’s anal, right? *shrug*

Mostly about cords. I like a certain order to cords. Power cords, USB cables, whatever. But they’re hard to manage, especially if you’re dealing with things that might ever have to be disconnected, reconnected. I like zip ties. They keep things exactly where you want them forever. But nothing these days is forever. Digitally – electronically speaking, anyway. That extra hard drive that I just zip-tied its cord to the leg of my desk where it makes its way to the back of my computer? I’ll replace it sooner than later. And then what? Then if I get a new desk??

Ok. Cords and bedsheets.

Even. Even. Always even. Always tucked – tight.

There’s no room in my world for a blanket that doesn’t reach as far up as the sheet. Or vice versa. An over-reaching blanket. During the summer, everything has to reach just above my chin, so I can tuck it under. In the winter, I can allow for another inch. Maybe two. The winter is harder – more blankets.

Sheet, comforter.
Sheet, blanket, comforter.
Sheet, blanket, blanket, comforter.
Sheet, electric blanket, comforter.

It’s even harder if you share a bed with someone who doesn’t care about the sheets. Actually prefers them untucked.



Something will bite my feet. Can’t have that.