MLK to Memorial Day

Woo, I’m on a roll as usual as far as blog updates are concerned.

In other news, next to last semester is done with a perfect GPA and so I’m one class away from my master’s degree which I’ll complete this fall.  I still think I should be able to go by Dr. after all this…

We spent the weekend in PA trying to get some repairs done on the RV. There’s more work to go, but it looks like MJ will head up and get the rest taken care of before I join her for the summer. Still no decent AT&T service there, so we’ll make do again with the park’s WiFi, supplementing with a Verizon broadband card. It’s not ideal, but as my mother likes to say, “Good enough for government work.” I’m just happy to have a summer where I don’t have to worry about hauling the RV anywhere. So stressful!