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Yeah buddy…

We stopped by the fair this evening to pick up my prize and ribbon. With my winnings, I plan to pay off debt, buy a house, hire movers, buy a winnebago, gas cards out the wazoo for all my peeps and give a portion to my mother so she can retire. Then I’m kicking my brother’s family out of her house, but that’s another story…

The Weekend in Review Movies, Knitting, Spinning, Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Sunshine, Chicken Enchiladas, PIRATE, The Lady – The best.

MJ's Socks

Finally got MJ’s Socks done Sunday morning. Just a week late for the Ravelympics but better to limp across the finish line than not to finish at all, or something. Luckily, just in time for MJ’s feet.

Award Winning™

I am now officially Award Winning™ and as such can now (legitimately) refer to myself as such and answer when addressed as such.  As such (I felt it crying out for another). Award Winning™ Lex, or Award Winning™ LtG .. I’ll answer to either.   :P

The whole thing was MJ’s idea and I only went along with it because it made her eyes sparkle like a mad scientist, which I found both cute and oddly – sexy.

I didn’t really think I had a shot because I figure most people who enter that sort of thing have been working diligently all year to perfect their recipe and I just made the same old cake I always make with no adjustment other than to make it in my mother’s oven because mine is tempermental and inconsistent for being a gas oven.

So, I have the third best poundcake in all of Maryland (this week).  There was a another competition last week where prizes were also awarded in this category.   So maybe I have the 6th best poundcake in all of Maryland.   Or rather, my grandmother does, since it is her recipe.  Whichever.  You may still refer to me as Award Winning™ Lex.