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Yeah buddy…

We stopped by the fair this evening to pick up my prize and ribbon. With my winnings, I plan to pay off debt, buy a house, hire movers, buy a winnebago, gas cards out the wazoo for all my peeps and give a portion to my mother so she can retire. Then I’m kicking my brother’s family out of her house, but that’s another story…

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MJ's Socks

Finally got MJ’s Socks done Sunday morning. Just a week late for the Ravelympics but better to limp across the finish line than not to finish at all, or something. Luckily, just in time for MJ’s feet.

I could be wrong

. . .but using a knitting loom makes me want to stab things.

MJ got some fine gauge ones in the mail today and handed me a tiny little loom and said I should make a novelty teeny sock.

I figured, I’d give it try, but just the cast on took 10 minutes and I was ready to hurt myself to end the pain, nevermind the seven rows of “knitting” it wants to me to do.

In all fairness, MJ has made some lovely things with her knitting looms, but it’s really not for me. I prefer using needles. This just seems to be the slowest way to knit ever. Compared to crochet, knitting is already slow and this just feels worse to me. But again, MJ likes it. I really really don’t. I can’t even figure a way to do this and watch tv at the same time. I have to have my head hunched over to carefully make sure the loom tool gets all the way under the yarn. A task made exponentially harder the thinner your yarn is.

Meh. I’ll leave MJ to it.

Meanwhile – I’m getting ready for the olympics Friday – excuse me .. the Ravelympics. I’m entered in a few events, one of them overlapping – WIPS Wrestling/Sock Put with MJ’s socks, Hat Dash for the Koolhaas hat, and Amigurumi Toy Toss with the Beanis. For now, I’m in “training,” trying to get my gauge swatches rockin’. I have until the flame goes out to get all my projects done – wish me luck!

*back to stabbing the weeny loom in lieu of stabbing myself*

You may be right
I may be crazy
But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for
Turn out the light
Don’t try to save me
You may be wrong for all I know
But you may be right

Loom Torture

What is it with Mondays?

I was on a roll this morning. Got up, showered, got Netflix “Watch Now” stuff streaming to the TV through my Xbox, MJ made a fruitbowl and I washed the very first pair of knit socks that I finished this past weekend.

. . .And then I got jackshit. Let me amend that. I got an cookie ice cream sandwich (Thank you, baby) but other than that, Monday can suck it.

The extender for the Netflix decided to stop working. I’ve spent that last two hours trying to get it to act right and so far no luck. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall everything and then all of a sudden the Xbox no longer detects my Media Center PC even tho my computer does. This is why I’m a mac girl. Microsoft makes all kinds of promises of awesome then never or barely delivers.

One down

One to go.  June saw me closing out the last of my socks on two circs classes.  I’ve finished one with just the heel and toe left to go on the last.  I think they’ll end up too large for the intended recipient, but we’ll see what happens after I wash them.

Note to self:  Do not switch from english to continental after the ribbing.  It wreaks havoc on your gauge.  See the pretty bulge?

Gauge! Gauge! Gauge!

Also, did a four hour spinning class with the incomparable Jacey, who has the nerve to leave us this month to be closer to her family in Missouri.  I can’t relate to that at all…  Relate or not, her brand of crazy and talent will be missed.

In other news, MJ and I saw Get Smart and Hancock.  Both incredibly funny.  For Hancock, think Greatest American Hero in terms of flying skill, only black and drunk with better special effects.  The critics didn’t like it and I agree with some of their commentary on the lack of story development, etc., but I laughed my ass off and therefore don’t really care that some of it could have been better explained. Color me entertained.  We also saw Baby Mama – at the cheap movies – so given what we paid to see it, I’m not too upset that it sort of sucked with a few good lines randomly dispersed in between the suck.

I also may or may not have found myself outside an AT&T store at 6am on the morning of Friday, July 11.  That said, I may or may not have a new cellphone number.  If you need it, let me know.

I’m hoping July will bring some much needed change, so fingers crossed and I might tell you about it later.


So the sleeping outside post, just to clarify for those who didn’t know, MJ and went camping for the weekend since the campground was near the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. Granted, it was right off 40 and you could hear the traffic from the campite. Again, I don’t get it as we’ve mastered the art of permanent structures and electricity, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ve compared it to moving. You pack all your shit, then go unpack it and setup house. . .then a few days later you pack and move again. Seems downright silly, but to each their own.

Sheep and wool highlights: Um.. sheep! and wool! and goats and alpacas and bunnies! It was a little insane, but definitely interesting. I think I most enjoyed myself at the Weaver’s Guild Spin In. I got to spin a little yarn on a Majacraft and it made me want one – until I saw how much they cost. Ouch. Instead I twisted MJ’s arm and she bought me an Ashford Kiwi which should be here this week (the vendor had sold out). And by twisted her arm I mean that I barely got the question out of my mouth before she agreed. :)

Also filed under “Really?” is that we spent 12 hours in Spinster Yarns and Fiber this past Saturday. If you’d told me a year ago or even six months ago that I’d be going to sheep festivals (which sounds a little perverse said that way) and spending all day in a yarn shop picking over unprocessed fleece, carding said fleece, spinning said fleece, knitting, crocheting, enjoying BBQ, beer (read: cider), and good company, I’d have said you were off your fucking rocker.

I’m off my fucking rocker, and I kinda like it.

And Happy Birthday to gingy !